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The Wizard, The Apprentice, and the Woods Witch


Image of The Wizard, The Apprentice, and the Woods Witch

"The Wizard had little trust for the spirits of the natural world. Respect, yes, but trust…no. Especially for this Woods Witch, who was said to have grown and lived before even the Dragons and the Eldritch Gods, both of whom no longer walked the earth. No matter how dire the situation, she always wore a thin smile, as if life itself was a bit of humor, or she was listening to some silly song.

"The Apprentice, a girl of ten-and-five, was more accepting of the spirits, fascinated by their ways. But even she was beginning to see that behind their benign-though-strange appearance, there was a power, a power greater than the Moon, Sun, and Shadows combined. The power of life and death…and rebirth.

"Regardless of their doubts, the Wizard and the Apprentice needed the Witch’s help on this autumnal day, and so there they were."

Print specifications:
11 x 14 in. (no border)
hand-printed linocut relief print on Canson Edition bright white paper